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Innovation Challenge

We are proud to announce the call for the SS12 Innovation Challenge !!

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SS12 Innovation Challenge is organized to recognize the best social innovators. Students with drive and passion towards helping humanity can register for the competition. The first round of the competition is to be held all over the world in the pilots selected on the basis of registration.  The students are expected to register for the challenge with any one of the pilots to be announced later and will be displaying their project under the theme.

Points to be noted

  • Team size: Maximum of 4 members.
  • Team members may come from different academic institutions and from different countries. Only the registered members of the team will be given certificates. Mentor names should also accompany the team registration.
  • Teams are requested to register with the pilot universities/sections for the first round contest. After the selection, the winners should register for the finals. The registration process will be announced later.
  • Teams are locked at the close of submissions 15 days before the first round contest, and no further changes to team membership and mentors can be made after that date.
  • Each Team is solely responsible for its own cooperation and teamwork.
  • The winning team is selected based on the following criteria: Challenge, Innovation, Usability, and Extendibility/Documentation.
  • The team that is selected to represent its country/section/university at the SS12 Finals may continue developing after the Prelims to prepare its submission to the Finals. An industry mentor may be provided by the organizers on request.


Important Dates

Finals & Conference

Colombo, Sri Lanka
September 2018 (Date will be announced later)


Innovation Challenge Coordination

Abilash Praveen
Head of Systems and Security,
Concise Digital
+91 94440 30736
[email protected]
Udari De Alwis
Synergen Technology Labs (Pvt) Ltd,
+94 77 432 4231
[email protected]